Terms & Conditions - Barwon Heads Airport
Barwon Heads Airport

YBRS Terms and Conditions

  • All aircraft and personal will conduct operations for their particular category as directed by CASA Civil Aviation Orders and Regulations, Recreational Aviation Australia and Australian Parachute Federation
  • Prior permission is required before using the airport (PPR)
  • Runways are not always serviceable and we strongly recommend you inspect the airfield prior to use, to access serviceability for you and your aircraft
  • Avgas, although YBRS is not a self-service Avgas dispenser it is treated as one, All pilots must be aware that as a consequence no after refuelling sample is taken at YBRS and as such CASA Regulations {Section 20.2 Issue 5 part 5.1 (ii)}requires an after fuelling sample to be taken from each aircraft tank before flight.
  • Pilots refuelling aircraft must escort passengers clear of the refuelling area before refuelling. (behind the safety fence near the office is advised)
  • It is the responsibility of all aircraft owners and pilots to secure their aircraft while on the airfield. YBRS accepts no responsibility for damage sustained to any aircraft left on the airport arising from any cause whatsoever, including negligence on the part of YBRS
  • No cars are to be driven onto the airport unless they are loading or unloading an aircraft
  • Hanger owners may access there hanger by cars but they must keep taxi ways and runways clear.
  • No visitor car parking on the airport at anytime
  • No animals other than dogs, which must be kept on a leash on the airport property
  • Pilots or other trained people must escort passengers & visitors too & from aircraft at all times.
  • All pilots of aircraft wanting to land or take-off at YBRS must agree to YBRS terms of conditions and read & understand the YBRS Runway Information before operating on the airfield.