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Barwon Heads Airport

Welcome to the Barwon Heads Airport (YBRS) website

Barwon Heads Airport is a public use, private airfield, owned by a group of local pilots. Some of us fly commercial but the majority fly only for fun.

A landing fee payment is required to use this facility to assist in maintenance costs.

YBRS General Information

  • Landing and overnight fees apply
  • Prior permission is required before using the airport (PPR)
  • Surface of runway 09/27 is not all weather and should be checked by the pilot in command before use to assess serviceability for your aircraft, it is important you remain on taxiways at all times and refrain from turning on the sealed runway, a turning area is provided at north end to allow turn and back track.
  • Avgas is available but prior arrangements may be required. A $20 call out fee is payable AH.
  • All pilots of aircraft wanting to land or take-off at YBRS must agree to YBRS terms of conditions before operating on the airfield (See Terms and Conditions).
  • YBRS has a number of commercial operators operating from the airport, these include: Flight training, Warbird adventure flights, Helicopter flights and Skydiving (more information can be found on our YBRS Commercial Operators page).
  • After hours toilet is available with the pin code/door lock 1357 (Melbourne Centre Area Frequency)
  • We operate an honesty system for landing fees for private aircraft, please pay cash into the post slot on side of office, or pay via EFT within 24 hours after leaving your details. If we have to chase you to get payment there is a $50 admin fee added. We are happy to provide you with an invoice - just email your details (name, rego and any relevant details etc) to
  • All aircraft which are not on the CASA Aircraft database must register their aircraft and provide a billing address with us before landing at YBRS (if we have to chase for your information we will charge an administrative fee of $150)
  • All avgas is to be paid at time of refuelling. For avgas we have a number of commercial operators with keys or arrange with one of the contacts a time for access (Contact Us).
  • All landing & overnight fees and any other chargers are to be deposited into the cash box in the side of the office wall or directly into our bank account (See Fees & Payment Options).
    Avgas, although YBRS is not a self-service Avgas dispenser it is treated as one, All pilots must be aware that as a consequence no after refuelling sample is taken at YBRS and as such CASA Regulations {Section 20.2 Issue 5 part 5.1 (ii)}requires an after fuelling sample to be taken from each aircraft tank before flight.
  • It is the responsibility of all aircraft owners and pilots to secure their aircraft while on the airfield
  • YBRS accepts no responsibility for damage sustained to any aircraft left on the airport arising from any cause whatsoever, including negligence on the part of YBRS.
  • Many of the owner pilots are locals, if you need a hand and would like to speak to someone in person please Contact Us.